Author Lashone vs. Shaneek shares her journey to become an author

Lashone Vs. Shaneek, was born in Charleston. She is a mother of three and now resides in Charlotte, NC. Lashone writes action-packed mysteries filled with love and loss. Her characters are both feared and fearless, though ironically, in real life Lashone is afraid of looking in the rear-view mirror while driving at night and walking up the stairs in the dark. 

Lashone is a hard-working dreamer, who started out writing a stage play but instead turned it into I, BEAUTY, her debut novel which is the first of a book series. She has an interest in everything from fantasy to forensic science. Her true passion lies within whatever she can create. In Lashone's world, everything is in balance, whether positive or negative.

Along with the graphic design skills that Lashone has picked up over the years, she has a great love for Blues & Jazz. Particularly, she developed a deep interest in writing lyrics, which led to a creative writing class in college. Lashone has written many things and is currently looking to publish her second book project. Equipped with her biggest daydream, Lashone intends to become a great author who will make her family proud.


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