Inspirational Speaker Tawana Williams born with no arms overcame all limitations

Tawana Williams was born without arms and impaired use of her legs. She’s an award-winning Keynote Motivational Speaker, TV Personality, Author, Artist, Mentor, Executive Producer, Co-Producer, Businesswoman, Humanitarian & CEO. She’s a highly sought-after speaker with a powerful and uplifting message for all generations. Her compelling story is one of Triumph, Perseverance, and Determination. She’s overcome many obstacles and has never let her disability stop her. Tawana is the first black Tha-li-do-mide baby in the U.S. that became an Internationally acclaimed Les Brown Platinum Motivational Speaker!

She’s the author of six books including her classic book UNarmed but Dangerous. This book is her personal testimony and will be featured as her Debut Movie “Eagle Without Wings” coming soon to theaters. She became a professional speaker in 1996 and travels the country with her husband, Toby, speaking at schools, churches, daycares, youth programs, Boys & Girls Clubs, nursing homes, prisons, drug rehab centers, veterans’ associations, universities, colleges, fraternities, sororities, corporations & organizations. Tawana’s Mission is to give hope and inspiration to those facing adversities and challenges while teaching them how to cope in any situation.

Tawana has been featured on The Jerry Springer Show sharing her story of how she beat the odds, The Judge Hatchett Show to mentor a troubled teen, The WORD Network, Manna Express TV, TCT-TV, Atlanta Live, Lifetime TV, The 700 Club, “Your World” with Creflo Dollar and many other TV programs. She's been interviewed by Oprah's Producers twice by telephone. Her story has been told in numerous magazines. She’s the Former Spokesperson for The Agape Gospel Academy in Atlanta, Georgia from 2008-2011.

Tawana is “The Hope Coach” and she’s teaching others how to live a life with “No More Excuses.”



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