Somewhere in the Middle Welcomes Coach, Trainer, and Speaker La Toya Gadson

La Toya Gadson is the Founder of La Toya Gadson Coaching L.L.C, leadership and personal development company based out of Charlotte, NC. She is also a proud certified John Maxwell coach, trainer, and speaker. La Toya coaches and trains leaders how to lead boldly and take audacious action to intentionally improve themselves, their teams, and their businesses. La Toya’s passion is to help organizations cultivate a result-driven environment while improving employee engagement to reduce turnover and increase the effectiveness of leaders to identify top talent to avoid external hiring. 

Before devoting her work to La Toya Gadson Coaching LLC full-time, La Toya held various leadership roles within Corporate America for more than 10 years where she discovered her purpose and calling to coach and mentor others in the workplace. She has been recognized for her ability to quickly turn around low performing teams and equip internal talent for leadership roles.

Noticing a need for employee and leadership development within organizations, La Toya decided to take a leap of faith in 2018 and start her own business in coaching and training. 

In addition to being a coach and trainer, La Toya is a woman of faith who loves to travel internationally and works out religiously to stay fit.


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