Somewhere in the Middle with Special Guest Stacie McClam

Stacie McClam is an educator, a speaker, and now, a best-selling author. In her new book released July 2018, “School Dismissed: Walking Away from Teaching,” Stacie describes why she left the teaching profession. Stacie shares some of the challenges that she faced during her teaching career. She noticed a pattern over the years that some students suffered from trauma beyond her classroom management skills. Many teachers are not trained in mental health and trauma. The book raises awareness about the issue so that both students and teachers can receive the help that they desperately need. Trauma affects the teacher's ability to teach, and as a result, some teachers feel powerless and flee the profession. Stacie has over 9 years of teaching experience. She taught in different states and cities. Stacie feels that she can better serve students outside of the classroom by exposing the realities that occur inside the classroom involving mental health, childhood trauma, and teacher trauma. As a law school graduate, she hopes to become an advocate for teachers by making legal arguments to improve the education system.


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